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Our Food

BPK Pizza By The Cut

You can’t go wrong with Pizza right? So why not take one of our most beloved comfort foods and make it fresh, flavorful and different? Think fan favorite Indian dishes (chicken tikka, paneer masala, lamb curry, coconut shrimp, just to name a few) made with fresh sauces, plenty of fresh toppings (we definitely don’t shy on the toppings here at BPK!) all baked on fresh delicious dough. But we didn’t stop at just pizza. Yes, it gets better. We also make spiced wings, fusion fries and keto friendly curry bowls too!

Also, did you hear about the unique experience where you can check out fresh pizzas on display that can be cut into small portions and paid for by the slice? It’s the perfect way to fill up your plate with different types of pizzas and try a variety of authentic Indian flavors all in one meal! Come and check us out today!

BPK Self Pour Wall

And when you have so much flavor, you might want to gulp it down with some cool beverages right? I mean soda is great and all, but what about the adult beverages? Well we went a little over the top there too… Self Pour all you want Beer and Wine! Grab a glass and try several taps of craft beers and house wines. Pour a little to sample a variety of beverages or pour a lot to drink up! We charge you by the ounce that you pour yourself using revolutionary RFID technology. BPK is a fun place to socialize and come together with family and friends, and we developed our food and drink menu to support that environment. So cheers to happy bellies and a good time!